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Receiving news of “the unthinkable”

Kyle shares his family’s Wrongful Death story and explains where his passion for helping families confronting Catastrophic Injury or Wrongful Death comes from.

Kyle explains how the way he practices law changed to a more holistic approach after he experienced a Wrongful Death in his family and saw through his own lens what families of victims go through.

catastrophic injury & wrongful death

Kyle speaks about the factors that you may be confronted with right after a Catastrophic Injury or Wrongful Death including your rights as a victim, your point of contact, etc.

Kyle speaks about victims’ rights to talk to everyone involved in an accident after a Wrongful Death or Catastrophic Injury, to fully understand the process.

Victim rights

Kyle speaks about your rights to talk to the police to be informed on the status of an investigation of an accident and what their goal is with the investigation.

Kyle speaks about the role of Victim’s Advocates and the positive impact that they have in a case when it comes to supporting victims’ rights.

criminal justice system

Kyle speaks about the way the Criminal Justice System is designed, and how the outcome of a case depends on the concluded intention of a crime.

Kyle speaks about what can happen when the Criminal Justice System is outside the control of the family of a Wrongful Death or Catastrophic Injury victim.

Kyle discusses the differences between civil and criminal cases. Also, discusses the burden of truth and what it takes to win.

Kyle speaks on the flaws in the justice system, while covering the differences between the punishments for a misdemeanor versus a felony.

civiL justice system

Kyle discusses other types of accountability that may come up in a civil case. He shares what he experienced in his own personal case with the Civil Justice System.

Kyle talks about the two parts of a Civil case: Proving who was at fault, and proving what damages were caused by that fault

dealing with THE remains of a loved one

Kyle speaks about the decisions you may have to take when it comes to the autopsy of a loved one, and your right to have a private autopsy performed at your request.

Kyle speaks about Funeral Home Expenses and resources that may be available to victims to pay for these expenses.